KLiC Advanced Excel

An Excel Expert is a person who collects, organizes, and analyzes data. S/He is also involved in finding, editing, and analyzing data, creating databases, and writing reports with conclusions. There are various techniques of data analysis, which an excel expert must understand in order to perform efficiently. Data analysis is important as it assists humans in getting the insight of patterns related to business, customer, revenue, etc. Therefore, doing the analysis helps to produce the best results for decision making. The conclusions made by excel experts based on data are very helpful in every organization for forecasting the business speculations.

Skills: Apply Custom Data Formats, Use Advanced Fill Options, Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering, Use Form Controls, Apply Custom Styles and Templates, Prepare Workbooks for Internationalization, Mathematical Functions, Lookup data by using functions, Apply an advanced date and time functions, Functions for Manipulating Text, Merge Scenarios, Create Scenarios, Use Area, Scatter & Stock Charts, Create Custom Chart Templates, Manage Workbook Versions, Copy Macros between Workbooks, Protect Workbooks for Sharing

Outputs: Event Expenses, Exam Record, Planner, To-do List, Database, Monthly Budget, Agenda, Receipt, Inventory

Syllabus Mapping: The KLiC Advanced Excel Course is mapped to MBA elective subject “MS Excel and Advanced Excel Lab”. The 94% syllabus of the “MS Excel and Advanced Excel Lab” matches with KLiC Advanced Excel. Hence the course is highly recommended to MBA students

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