Welcome to the course – English Communication and Soft Skills.
This course has been specially designed for young individuals like you who want to start a great career with command over communication in English and Soft Skills for an effective and successful professional, social and personal life!

  • English is the most used language in today’s world. Knowledge of English communication creates an influential personality. The blend of Soft Skills with English Communication gives an extra advantage to aspirants and gives him/her the added edge over others to become employable.

  • KLiC ENGLISH Course is a perfect combination of English Communication and Soft Skills. In this course the emphasis is not only about learning English but is to make the aspirant speak till the basic level by the end of the course. The Soft Skills part of the course gives a catalytic effect and creates a perfect blend for this course.

  • An aspirant is taken through the journey from unknown to known. The confidence to speak in English is definitely raised. The interactive sessions in this course with the help of real-life case studies make the aspirant comfortable to connect with English Communication and Soft Skills.




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